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Disney's Pinocchio LEGO Marionette with Jiminy Cricket


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This is a collaborative project between my wife (LEGO Ideas username Jiminyc) and I. We are huge fans of the Disney movie "Pinocchio" and thoroughly enjoy puppets and marionettes. We think a working Pinocchio marionette would make a very unique & interactive LEGO set.

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841 pieces total

Difficulty: Hard

I designed the marionette using real bricks and then did the rendering so Pinocchio had the correct coloring. My wife designed the Jiminy Cricket minifigure, tested the build of the final real life marionette and did the graphic design for the project. For Pinocchio’s elbows, shoulders, knees and hips, he has loose ball joints that allow for free movement. Both his ankles are posable with friction ball joints and his fingers are individually posable. He was built with playability in mind so that parts would not pop off while controlling Pinocchio. The marionette is controlled by manipulating the control bar where the strings are attached. 

Our model is just a prototype. LEGO Master Builders design the final product.

History and significance of Disney’s “Pinocchio”:

On February 23, 1940 “Pinocchio” premiered in theaters. 2020 will mark the 80 year anniversary of “Pinocchio”. It was the 2nd animated feature film released by Walt Disney Studios and is widely considered the studios most technical achievement. Not only this, but the song that plays when the castle is revealed before almost every Disney movie, is an instrumental version of the song “When You Wish Upon a Star” from “Pinocchio”. In 1994 the film was picked by the United States National Film Preservation Foundation to be included in the National Film Registry as a culturally, historically, and aesthetically significant film. Only 1 film is picked to receive this honor each year.

High resolution images can be downloaded below:

Main Image:

Jiminy Cricket minifigure:

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