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DB Class 103



In a couple of hours this project has expired. Thanks for your support. 

I am sorry for the lack of support - but train in LEGO is apparently a minority in the AFOL community ...

Thanks for every vote, comment and anything else. Thanks.

You will not have heard the last of the project.


Here you can download the instructions

Out running for charity


For a couple of weeks ago you could see the entire train at LEGO-World in Copenhagen. This weekend the train is in Jutland trying to raise some money for a student counsellor at a public school. Here is a video :

Please vote for the project

Presented at LEGO world 2016 in Copenhagen...


The locomotive and the wagons was at LEGO world 2016 in Copenhagen last weekend. The train and wagons was on the tracks every day for 7 hours without any problems.

Here is a video I found on YouTube 

You can see the whole layout on the video - DB 103 are present at 5.27

Thanks to DirksBrickLand for the video

You are fantastic !!!


It is not possible for me to express my deepest feelings for all the supporters. 1.000 supporters - wow. Thank you all.

I have made a agreement with LEGO - we are gonna use 330.000 tracks for the record. It is not possible for us to pay for the that. Therefore we are allowed to invite all recognized members of an official LUG to participate in a TRACKBULK - you will - through your LUG - to buy tracks at a very special price. All the tracks will be delivered to me, used for the record attempt, then packed and shipped out to all the recognized LUGs.

Hope you still will be supporting this crazy project - but if someone can do this... is it us.

Thanks everybody.


Wagons/carriages are available on LEGO Ideas


You can now vote for 4 different wagons/carriages here on LEGO ideas: 

The new project :

Here is a small video of the whole trainset:

And a small image

Carriages for the locomotive



we are right now working on introducing som carriages for the locomotive. Here is a picture of the work (work in progress..).

Stay tuned and follow the project.


A video - as I have promised you all


Here is the video of the locomotive. 


Please help us !

Thanks, Henrik


500 supporters reached


Thanks all you for the first 500 supporters.. We are right now making a video of the locomotive - stay tuned, we will bring an update in a very short time.

Thanks - now we just need 9.500 more..


Video ... From the first attempt.


Thanks for your support so far.

Here is a video from our first record....

Henrik Ludvigsen

Video.. Soon to come..


i Will find a pro to make a video... Thanks for all the support we have received.. 

You are amazing..