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Lion Knight's Fortress


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I built this Lion Knight's Fortress! It sits on a 32x32 baseplate, and consists of a horse stable and the fortress.

Details in the Lion Knight's fortress include a small table to eat, hay bales to serve to the horse, and a ladder leading up to a lookout point. The fortress itself is built of small plates, giving it a textured look, without the use of printing, stickers, or complicated techniques.

The horse stable has room for one horse. Inside is a trough full of water and hay for the horse to eat. The door to the stable swings open on a single hinge mechanism. The horse fits comfortably in the stable, with extra room to stand.

Outside is assorted foliage, including a large tree, small trees, moss, and plants. The ground is elevated in some areas, too. Also, two small squirrels are there.

Comes with 6 figures - Two Lion Knights, a Falcon Knight, horse, and two squirrels.

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