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British Robot

What is it?
This is a robot: A.D.R.I.A.N. (Automated Digital Robotic Interface And Necessaries).
He was designed to be a state-of-the-art robot assistant to the modern British gentleman and therefore received heavy support from the government during the build phase.  So much so that he ended-up £300 million over budget, 50 years overdue, and without any ability to be upgraded due to copyright & patent issues and the fact that the manufacturing company has now gone out of business.  Another triumph!
A.D.R.I.A.N. is sentient and capable of many things.  As a British robot, he is trained to apologise and excuse himself almost semi-automatically, usually for no apparent reason.  He can communicate with people from a thousand different cultures, either by speaking English, or by shouting English very slowly.  He is trained to deal with matters of etiquette, and can be relied upon to advise which drink best suits which meal: All that might be expected to serve a modern British man going about his business in a bygone age (but which might have been useful had the company been allowed to complete building on schedule).  His chest cavity can be used for storage purposes and can keep a cup of tea warm for up to five hours (in case one is too busy to attend to its drinking for fear of offending someone by not paying them enough attention).
Why did I build it?
To take part in the Robotics activity, but I missed it because I was busy in the garden, harvesting spuds and beetroot!
Why would this make a good set?
It's easy to build.

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