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Ancient Rome – Morituri te salutant


This set, entitled « Ancient Rome – Morituri te salutant » , represents a scene of the Ancient Rome featuring Julius Caesar as well as some of its preatorian gards, within the Coliseum, while some gladiators are training.

Part 01 : The Gladiator´s Entrance and Caesar´s Throne :
Caesar´s throne-like seat is disposed on top of stairs, surrounded by four typical roman columns covered with a pediment. The pediment is ornated with sculptures on both sides of the monument.
The colors used are light yellow, gold for the fences, and dark red for the throne.
The monument is further decorarted with two typical « S.P.Q.R. » flags (Senatus PopulusQue Romanus) , using dark red and gold colors.
The gladiator´s entrance comprises a big door, able to allow the passage of the chars.

Part 02 : the rounded part of the Coliseum :
This part is composed with modular elements that are all identical (see pictures), liked together with a hinge plate.
The left plate, with angle (3 x 12) on the left side of the element , coupled with the hinge plate on the right side allows to give this rounded aspect, when putting several of these elements together.
On this set, 9 of these modular elements are put together on each side of the central entrance part.
Once can imagine creating a further set, including the same modular part, with other elements, in order to get a complet Coliseum.

Part 03 : the chars :
This set comprises two chars, one in dark red, and the other in dark green, each coupled to two horses.
Each char comprises two wheels, a gladiator conducting said char, a whip and an antic spear.


Part 04 : the minifigs :
This set comprises :
-  Caius Julius Caesar and two roman soldiers to protect Caesar.
- the two chars conductors
- three gladiators
- a roman senator
hence, 9 minifigs in total.

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