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Medieval Machine Workshop

In the medieval period, workshops were very necessary for the population.
Various machines that helped people and defended them had to be constructed and repaired somewhere.

In my set, I wanted to present a Modular Workshop, where a group of several forest people can produce, repair and construct various machines. The entire group is supervised by an old man who helps with difficult construction solutions so that the equipment is fully functional.

The set consists of 1,830 elements. the whole thing is on a 32 x 32 study plate.

The entire building consists of modules, we can remove the roof from the building, under it there is a crane that helps people move heavy machine elements, on the same floor there is also a defensive machine for the local population.
Going down the ladder in the wall, we go to the main room of the building where there is a workshop and a tool room where all the tools for work are stored.
There is a door in the floor, opening it we can go down to the basement where we can find a lot of dust, old barrels, and lots of cobwebs.
During the day, there is a lot of activity in front of the building, machines are being assembled on the platform, and somewhere nearby there are old boards used for the production of machines.

The set includes 5 mini figures and a dog

1 - old man with a dog
2 - employees
2 - guards

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