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Planet Stormers

What is it?

This MOC is a crossover in between two of my favorite Mecha genre worlds.

Why did I build it?

I decided to build this model to take on the challenge of melding these two worlds together into a build that would be fun and interesting.

Why do I believe this idea would make a great lego set?

This particular style, the 'big robot/japanese Mecha' style, is very popular amongst builders.
It also offers a lot of versatility and makes this particular build interesting because:

Building this model is a lot of fun and straightforward: it can be good for a variety of age groups.

The model is very compact and sturdy, which allows for younger audiences to actually *play* with.
The strength and number of articulation points in this build make it a dream for older age groups, who enjoy posing their models or even making action dioramas once they've completed their builds.

So, after going through a fun and enjoyable build process, the model is also able to offer a lot of great opportunity for amazing and imaginative poses that showcase its details and the accessories that come with it.

If you ever feel like you'd like a change of looks or style, the fun continues: This model also transforms into a cool all-terrain vehicle, adding to the excitement and number of choices you have when playing with it.

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