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Emmet's Apartment


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This is Emmet's Apartment from the movie ”The LEGO Movie”. I got the idea to build this when I saw the movie (for the 15th time ;-) ) and realized that you can see the majority of Emmet's apartment if you combine the scenes. So the detective work begun, and it was lots and lots of it. Besides the movie itself there was lots of material to be found in ”behind the scenes”-clips and a couple of other clips as well.

When the detective work was done there was only some small areas that I couldn't find at all, and some areas that were hard to see. I used my imagination and tried to keep the style from the rest of the apartment for those areas.

Then we have the ”cheating”. Some builds in the movie is impossible to build unless you use glue (and we all now what Emmet & co thinks about that). One example is the tiles on the wall in the shower. I could cheat and build it identical in LDD as well, but it would be impossible to build in real life. So some builds and elements are redesigned so you can skip the glue :-)

All in all the build is quite accurate. It was really fun to build and it was a new experience to build something from images and scenes. I don't think this was the last time. ;-)

I also added the outside front wall (slightly redesigned to fit the apartment). This is however easy to move/lift off so you can recreate and play your favorite scenes from the movie :-)

Some limitations in LDD: Textures on paintings are either missing or have the wrong motive. The shaft on the kitchen desk can't fit inside the 1x2x2 brick. So it's not connected in the images.

This is a set I would buy myself without hesitation. I hope you think the same and give it your support :-)

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