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Pen and Bricks

It was never so easy to build your own tabletop role-playing adventure!

Welcome adventurer! It is 1982 and you find yourself with your friends and the Brickmaster around the old table in your grandma's attic to play a round of Pen and Bricks.

This design combines the creativity of building Lego with the endless possibilities of pen and paper games, and marries what was always meant to come together. Featuring a classic tabletop scene, this is a display set for every tabletop and fantasy fan. But more importantly, it will come with a unique play experience to introduce you into the world of pen and paper games! The build itself does not only serve as a nice display piece, but will set the scene for the adventures and serve as a map for epic battles.

The set includes brick build dice and a simple rule system, as well as a few adventures to give you an easy and entertaining introduction into the fantastic world of pen and paper games.

The Brickmaster rummages through his papers: Hmm.. I already made a few characters that you can choose from, make your pick. There would be Gadow, the rogue dwarf. He was always so shy that no one noticed him, so naturally he thought that sneaking would suit him. Then there is Bak the half-orc barbarian with a big red sword ... any questions? Finally we have Timmy, the halfling wizard, somewhat cowardly but very useful in battle. Who do you choose?
Your adventurer group heard about a legendary treasure somewhere deep in the forests of Lazzania. After an exhausting days travel you make yourself a camp.

Gadow: I will try to gather some food. I rolled a six!

You see Gadow disappearing and returning after a short while with 2 delicious looking fish. To your surprise, he also found a hut! But who lives there? Maybe they know about the treasure? What do you do? Will you wait and observe... or maybe try to sneak in? You talk through your options over your nights camp...

After a good nights rest, you still did not come to a conclusion how to approach the hut.

Bak: I will just knock on the door!

Bak knocks on the door, and, after a few seconds, you hear heavy footsteps approaching. The door opens, a mouldy smells comes your way, and a troll opens the door!

The troll is surprisingly friendly! After you tell him that you are in search of a treasure, he discloses that he knows where it is, but first you have to help him. He wants you to smash the support button. What an odd request... What do you do?

The build has ~1000 pieces, can still be optimized though!

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