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Hummer Ev With Powered UP Functions


Thank you to all supporters!

This was my first time presenting a project and although it did not make it to the 5k milestone, I very much enjoyed the experience, it was a lot of fun following other lego fans comments and ideas.

For those of you who think that it is harder to make it with Technic models, you may be right, but it is up to us, Technic fans to generate interest and there is only one way to do that, propose more ideas. I am working on another project that hopefully will catch the interest of a larger audience, and I hope to see more of your great ideas, so stay tuned, and again, thank you!


Software Update

Just like it is in reallife, more and more ev's are connected and can receive OTA(over the air)Updates.
One of the great thing about PoweredUp functions is the ability to work on your own code which in some cases, can be as challenging as building the model itself. For this update, I decided to share the latest code for my Hummer ev.

THanks for supporting and please feel welcome to share with your friends.


GMC Hummer EV Edition 1 Pickup Truck Customer Deliveries has begun!

thank you for your continuous support, enjoy this video


2000 times thank you!!!

I very much appreciate all your support. The next milestone ok 5 k is a long way, but no matter how fast or how high this creation gets, I truely feel that each and everyone of you who takes the time to look at my model and gives it their support is itself a reward, so again thank you for 2000 rewards !!!


The Technic Hummer ev travels around the world...

Over the last few weeks, the Hummer ev Lego project got the attention of over 50 of the most prestigious Automotive medias in 15 countries around the world. Check out just a few of them :

‘’Remote-Controlled LEGO GMC Hummer EV is Likely the Cutest Thing You’ll See Today’’
 - Autoevolution

‘’The GMC Hummer EV hasn't even hit showrooms yet, but that hasn't stopped one creator from making an amazingly realistic and detailed scale model out of Lego bricks’’
- Road and Track

’We think this project by technic-Al is great not only because it perfectly captures the upcoming electric Hummer’s look, but some of its key features as well’’  
-Inside EVs

‘’Lego enthusiasts are known for taking builds to the next level with their own creative flair. This homemade GMC Hummer EV is exactly that’’
-Muscles Cars and trucks

‘’A Lego Fan Made a Hummer EV Model That Drives, Lifts and ‘Crab Walks’ Just Like the Real Thing’’
 -Yahoo cars

‘’Lego creates some pretty amazing automotive models, but the Lego hobbyist community sometimes does better. Evidence of that comes to us in this fully-functional GMC Hummer EV Lego Technic model’’
AutoBlog

‘’This might just be the coolest Lego Technic model we’ve ever seen’’
-GM-Trucks

Your support would be greatly appreciated !


Push it further !

On my last update, I mentioned that the next one would be a software update. Well, just like it often happens in real life, I had to rollback and the software update is delayed.
So I thought of those Off Road enthousiasts. Although The Hummer ev has fantastic Off Road capabilities in it's stock version, there will be those who will want to push it further... Here is the truck with what would be in real scale 40 inch. tires on offset weels...

Hope you like, thank you for supporting!


1000 times thank you for your great support!!!

A special thanks to all those who have published and shared this creation, your contribution is much appreciated.
This time, I reworked on the rear of the truck. New bumper and revamped tailgate to bring it closer to the real thing.

Now lets rallye for the next milestone of 5000. Keep a eye on my upcoming updates, next, I am working on a ''software update'' ...


Removable top panels

A few supporters suggested that it would be cool to have the removable top panels, well here they are. glass panels on a technic model is for the less unusual, but I could not figure out better ways to do it, and yes, they all fit in the front trunk, hope you like.
Meanwhile we have less than 100 to go for a 1000 supporters, thanks for helping this get done as quickly as possible !


Side by side

Getting closer to the next milestone of 1000, thank you all again for your great support.
For those of you who have not seen the real new Hummer ev, here is a side by side picture I first made for the copy&paste activity, but I thought it would be of interest for you to discover a bit about the real truck.
Still working on more updates, stay tuned...

Impressive facts about the Hummer ev:
All electric with 200KW/h battery
1000 Horse Power
11,500 Lb.-Ft. of torque
0-100KMh / 60mph in less than 3,5 seconds
560Km / 350 miles range


Auto-leveling suspension

On the way to the next milestone of 1000 supporters, thank you for being one of them.

It is always lots of fun when it is possible to experiment different functions on a Technic model.

This time I am using the PoweredUp Hub's built-in level sensor. By disengaging the front suspension from raising, the truck automatically adjusts the rear suspension to stay level no matter the load weight.

Hope you like this, have a look....

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