Product Idea



Whether you're a diehard fan or find yourself with nothing better to do on a Tuesday night, we all love JEOPARDY! Ever get that rush when you answer a question before any of the contestants on TV do?! Well now your Lego Minifigs can experience it too!

As of now, this set will include a minifig version of famed Alex Trebek, with Batman, Yoda and late 90's Steve Nash as the first ever Lego Jeopardy contestants. Don't forget the Lego themed Jeopardy questions and personalized name plates for the contestants! Who do you think will win? Will billionaire genius Bruce Wayne outsmart basketball IQ allstar Steve Nash? Are they even a match for the all wise and powerful Yoda? Although, is Yoda even capable of answering to Trebek's liking?

"The power of the force what is?"

The best part is, with this Lego Jeopardy set you can have any of your minifigs compete against each other to see who is the smartest Lego of them all!