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Project Elements: Chapter 2 The Strange of Eleton: 04 Geia Titan - Axer


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After the conflict, people of Nero and Pyrka team up and travel to Geia, the strength of Eleton, to discover the reason why Democritus left Eleton.  When they get there, they realize the people of Geia are having a civil war.  Later, people of Nero and Pyrka are captured by Benegy*.  After talking to General Ebner, they understand that General Ebner was one of Democritus' men and Democritus didn't left Eleton.  Democritus was captured by Maledius*.  They have to defeat Maledius, save Democritus, and solve the mysteries.


Benegy - a group which is led by General Ebner, Democritus' most trusted person in Geia.

Maledius* - a group which is led by Terades.


04 Geia Titan - Axer

Terades uses his power to wake up a army of skeleton and they are heading to the Castle of Geia.  People of Benegy have to fight back.  Send out the Geia Titan - Axer.  Use its giant battle axe to defense the castle.

Pieces: 508

Minifigure: Earth - Benegea - Name Undecided

                  Earth - Maledius - Name Undecided

Price: around 39.99 USD to 49.99 USD


Hi, everyone!

I am Cemodin.  This is the beginning of Chapter 2 and I want to try something different, like castle, brick-build monsters, or something I don't usually buil---- something I am not familiar with.  Or maybe I will stop Project Elements awhile just to try making a modular building.  However, while I was building the Defender's HQ, I once again realized that LDD is not that user-friendly...  It almost drove me crazy.  Oh no, I hadn't rendered the better images for my old projects.  They will take me more than five hours to do so.

Back to my project, I had already posted some information for this idea if you are interested (link).  By the way, I forget to mention that the body armor is based on 70326 The Black Knight Mech...  and I don't like that set.  If you have any question, just go to the comment section and I will try to answer it.  O///O  Thanks!

Cemodin, July 18 2016


P.s. if you think the images are blurry, open the image in new tab, click the omnibox, delete "-full" before ".png", and push "enter" bottom.

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