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HK-38 HoverCraft


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My last project for some time has arrived! I will be joining the Army for a year in 20 days so i won't have a lot of free time for other projects. But i have many on the line: More spacecraft, Submarines and a modular mansion featuring solar panels,wind turbines and all the things an environmentally friendly building needs.

The set:

The HK-38 Hovercraft boasts two repulsorlift engines capable of low atmospheric flight and exceptional maneuverability. Twin laser cannons give it a respectable amount of firepower. It can hover on the spot, meaning it can cover duties of sentry and mobile weapons turret.

Details: This is one of my oldest ideas for a spacecraft that is presentable and ''polished'' adequately.

Piece count: 105 pieces

Possible price: $13.99-$18.99


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