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3D Brick-Ture: Lion


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This is my model of a male lion on a landscape of the African plains. I like to make things from nature with lego and thought that the 'King of the Beasts' would make a great subject.
The African plains at sunset can make some amazing colours in the sky for a background.
I am unsure on part count as this was built as I went along, not on a computer.

African lions are endangered, with 90% of the population lost in the past century. It is thought that in the wild they could be extinct within 30 years! If this model increases awareness and helps prevent this, it would be incredible.

I think this would make a great display piece in any home and that people young and old would have fun building this model.
The model has a moveable bottom jaw to reveal the lions impressive teeth and large tongue.

I hope you like it 🦁

I have now completed the mane of the Lion and although this stops the mouth from opening, I like to think it looks more realistic. I have also tweaked the background a little.
Thanks for looking 🦁

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