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Clone Wars: The Lost Missions - Yoda vs His Dark Side


After hearing a mysterious voice call out from the Force itself, Yoda begins a quest in search of a way to preserve his essence even after death. In his search, he comes to a planet he believes is the source of all life. There, he meets five Priestesses: Hate, Sadness, Confusion, Joy, and Serenity. They then give him a series of tests. One of which, to face the darkness.

As Yoda walks in, a creature of shadow attacked Yoda, complaining about Yoda not believing him worthy. At first, Yoda did not recognize him, believing all darkness had already been cast out. But in the end, Yoda knew who it was he faced.

Summoning all his will power, Yoda gains control over the darkness with in, and officially casts it out. He draws in the creature before him, and by the touch of Yoda's hand, the creature disintegrates.

This set comes with a small part of the dead forest within which Yoda and his dark side battle, as well as the five priestesses, and Yoda's custom Starfighter. The starfighter is of main interest for me, because until now it was only fan speculation that allowed people to make Yoda a starfighter. Now we know what it's really like.

Here is a video of the battle. Please, enjoy the fight, and support this set.

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