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My Dream Home


This is a model of my dream house, a vision of a complete house, having abundant natural surroundings, with a unique design, spacious - yet comprehensive. It has a great view from all sides. The idea to build this house came from my own dream of having a unique design home, filled with all amenities, facilities and having a great natural view. 

I did built this house, to ensure that my dreams stay with me and also to paint the right home for self and family. This is the out come of spending hours building and re-building the right home. It is perfect, since it has great front lawn (with sitting space), family room, kitchen, bed room and balcony with a great view.

This would make a great LEGO set, since users of this set could design their dream houses and present the same to the world, maybe some of them would realize the dream as they grow up.

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