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Interceptor- Lego Classic Space Explorers

The Interceptor is a fighter class starship designed to support Explorers who encounter hostile alien life. The crew of three are interchangeable but do have specialties that include ace pilot (Bella), experienced weapons operator (Gabe) and a latest generation robot for communications, navigation and system maintenance (ALEX- Artificial Life Entity model X). The heavy armor of the ship allows for operation even after receiving several hits from medium size weapons. The Interceptor is equipped with three cannons, 2 missiles, a guided rocket and four highly maneuverable plasma engines.

The main windshield of the Interceptor lifts to reveal the cockpit with a systems panel and control stick. An access portal from the cockpit opens into the main body of the starship where ALEX is stationed on the communications and navigation system. At the rear of the Interceptor the windshield and ball turret cannon fold down to reveal the location of the weapons operator and their precision controls.

I built the Interceptor in homage to the Classic Space Explorers universe. I feel that the unique shape of the Interceptor along with the presence of male, female and robot Explorers in their chrome clad space suits provide variety meant to engage the play participant and enhance the opportunity for creativity, discovery, and overall enjoyment. The Interceptor is ready for adventure wherever the solar winds may take it! 

I believe the Interceptor would make a great LEGO set because it is a fun model that is easy to assemble. With a modest overall size, the ship is accessible and handled comfortably by children. The crew inside and attention to detail provide many possibilities for imaginative play. With a rounded body and no jagged edges, the spacecraft is relatively smooth to the touch with minimal potential for injury. The Interceptor is an intentionally affordable option for parents and collectors with a piece count that will put the price range within reach for most consumers. I believe the Interceptor enhances the LEGO product line by providing a fun model at an affordable price to encourage new LEGO enthusiasts and keep veteran builders engaged with reimagined ideas.

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