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Anakins Azure Angel


This is a Star Wars themed model of the Delta-7 Aethersprite Interceptor, which Anakin Skywalker modificated and named "Azure Angel".

The paintjob resembles the one on the podracer he built on Tatooine when he was young.

This model was mainly designed for playability, featuring a cockpit that opens, a small cargo hold, retractable landing gear and an Astromech-Droid that can leave the ship through a trapdoor at the bottom.

I had this idea because I own one of the very first Lego models of a Jedi starfighter (the red Deltza-7 Obi-Wan uses) and it always bugged me as a kid that the Droid is just a head attached to the wing of the model.
Of cause, this was because there was simply no good way to store an entire R2-D2 minifigure in the wing of such a small model without it looking ridiculous or not being stable enough.
But it made me think that I can come up with something more enjoyable to play with.

Blue Lightsaber included.

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