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Modular Building: a Dutch ‘Modern Classic’


Modular House: Dutch Modern Classic

A house in the Modular series loosly based on the World Heritage ‘Rietveld-Schroder’ house in Utrecht, the Netherlands. 

The Architect Rietveld designed this house around 1923 so it is almost a hundred years old! But it still looks very modern with its square shapes and basic color use.  Amost like a Mondriaan painting from the same period!

Note the ‘moving wall’ on the ground floor. A feature that Rietveld also put in the original.

The Rietveld-Schroder house is a Unesco World Heritage site. I thought it was nice to combine ‘Culture’ and ‘Modular’ this way, to make this exceptional piece of architecture available to all Lego lovers.



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