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Crested Penguin


About nine months ago I made a model of 'Mr Flibble', an 'evil' penguin which appeared in an episode of Red Dwarf. I received several comments from penguin fans who didn't like the evilness, but loved penguins enough to support him.

Mr Flibble was designed in LDD, the design was improved and then made up in Lego. I have taken the basic penguin form to make this Crested Penguin model. It is a small build of 187 parts which makes up into a 12cm tall model and could be built up for around £30 if you bought the individual parts.

If you like this 'good' penguin please support and tell your friends. It will need a lot of help be considered for a set. I will update the project with a set of building instructions so you can make your own crested penguin if you want to.

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