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The Explorer


The Engine Just Arrived

When I submitted the project, I told that in a near future, I wanted to design the engine of the off-road truck. After some research, I finally compose the perfect engine for it. I have to confess that the Instagrams from Sp Lineup and Jerry Builds Bricks helped me so much. I am very happy that I found those accounts. If you like engines and cars in general. You definitely should follow them!

So I hope you will appretiate the update. Form my point of view, I think it is a good one. Let me know when you think about it. 
At the time, I am thinking about the suspensions. The project is good, but an off-road truck without good suspensions, is it real off-road truck?

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On the road to hit the 1K!

First of all! I want thank all the people who upvoted the project on the first three days after I submitted it. I am so glad we hit so fast the first step!

Now! It's a serious play. We are on the road to hit the 1k and we have more that a year to make it! So let's do it! To help me, you just have to share the project with your friends on your social network. Or on your website, blog, everywhere!

I did some extra renders where you can see Scott, the Explorer spents his evening need a camp-fire, or walking in the forest.

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Meet Scott Hudson

Scott is not an average adventurer. He is the best explorer, studing the fauna and flora to understand theirs lifestyle. The nature will not handle any more secrets.

Scott outfit have been inspired by the curent hiking outfit especially this one. The pant is a simple tan one. Also, I created a logotype that I added on his jacket. Are you ready for the adventure? 

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The explorer's bag

I wasn't happy with the first version of the explorer's bag I made. What it mostly missed was some extra side pockets. So what do you think about this update?



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