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Fire Emblem Fates Chess


This is a Chess Board based on the video game "Fire Emblem Fates" by Intelligent Systems for the Nintendo 3DS. The games focus on the different sides of a war, and lets you chose which side to take.

The Black side is Nohr. The pieces for the chess board are as follows. King Garon is the king, Xander is the queen, Leo is the bishop, Camilla is the knight, and Elise is the rook. The 8 pawns are Faceless.

The White side is Hoshido. The pieces for the chess board are as follows. Queen Mikoto is the king, Ryoma is the queen, Takumi is the bishop, Hinoka is the knight, and Sakura is the rook. The 8 pawns are generic ninjas.

While some of these character placements may sound odd (Queen Mikoto is the king), they have been paired to best fit with theirs roles in the games.

The board is removable from the base, as can be seen in the main picture. The base is built upon a 48x48 baseplate. There should be enough space inside the base to fit the pieces inside. the knights from both sides would likely need to have their wings removed to in. 

My model in LDD took a bit more than 3000 pieces, which is the limit on ideas sets. Having said that, I was not focusing on a parts count, and used a LOT of small parts. A professional Lego Designer could easily bring this piece count down. I unfortunately, am not a professional. 

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