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The Ellen Degeneres Show

Lets have a little fun today, because here she is now Ellen Degeneres. Do you love Ellen? Have you always wanted to be part of Ellen's audience? Well here's your chance. I have made this idea because Ellen Degeneres is such an inspirational and caring person who has always been kind. She deserves to have a Lego set made of her. I think all her fans would agree too.

For those who don't know who Ellen Degeneres is, here is what you should know.

Ellen is the hostess of 'the Ellen Degeneres show', and has helped and brought joy to many people for years. This is why her show would make such a great set.

This idea includes 4 characters: Ellen Degeneres (of course), Twitch the DJ, Andy the producer and Nick the gardener. There are many people who should be included in this idea but couldn't due to the idea becoming too big.

The rest of the idea includes: Ellen's couches and wooden table with Ellen cups, a big Ellen screen behind the couches, plants, DJ Twitch's quarters, Andy's video camera with a stool, decorations and the entrance for any guest who comes on the show.

Please support this idea and help this idea get made into a set. This would make a great gift for any Ellen fan and Lego fans. I am both and had lots of fun making this project and would appreciate anyone who supports. So please help and if you care then please share.

Be kind to one another.

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