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Scooby doo: A Night Of Fright Is No Delight


Like zoinks scoob! there’s a new Lego ideas project, Scooby doo! Featuring the fan favourite episode what a night for a fright. growing up watching the classic scooby doo show I always wanted to make my own set based on an episode of scooby doo, I choose the episode what a night for a fright because it was a fan voted favourite and I agree it’s pretty good. There’s lots of references to the episode like for example the clue from the mirror and the lesion book from the piano room! the walls actually move just like in the episode!. I made sure I put as much detail as I could since I love details and I’m sure it’s appreciated, I think this will make a great set since people from all over love scooby doo as do I and the episode a choose to do was the number 1 fan favourite episode of the series which I think will help boost the experience and support. I truly thank you for all your help and support and I hope this becomes a real set on day!.

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