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City Multilevel Garage and Display

This is a multilevel parking for all of your LEGO cars, trucks, racing cars & more. This garage is built of 4 levels, each level has 3 different sections, the left side has parking for 8 cars, middle entry and road. The right side parking, which also has 8 car spots. The total parking space for 4 level will be 32 cars. The measurement of this parking is (73 cm long, 61 cm wide and 58 cm high).

The garage includes 2 elevators for drivers and passengers, fire escape staircase and helicopter pad on the top of it. There is a lift to transport the cars from 1st level to 2nd, 3rd & 4th floor. This garage is not the only is a place to organize all of your cars and play round, you can open it, and use it as a display set in your kids room. The display can store up to 48 cars! To build this garage, I had to use 2999 pieces of LEGO Bricks, Plates and more.

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