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Star Wars Desert Skiff


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This UCS model represents one of the Desert Skiffs seen in Star Wars Episode VI - Or as I prefer to call it: Star Wars 3 ;-)  - above the Sarlacc Pit, escorting Jabbas Sail barge and transporting the prisoners.


Since it is a UCS-Model, it is much larger than Minifig-scale (about 40 cm/15 inches) and would come with a display stand showing further information, you know the drill...

It also does not have any special play features except for one since it is a collector set and not a play set.

Main Colour is brown, with a few beige, grey and light-brown parts.

I tried to put as many details into the model as possible, but if you think something is missing please comment, so I can update it.

In the front - starbord - there is a plank that can be extended and retracted, as seen in the movie.

I thought this would be a good idea to get produced, since there hasn't been any UCS-Models of this pretty iconic vehicle. If you think so, too, feel free to Subscribe :-)

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