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Two-Family Townhouse


My wish was to create a basic design of a townhouse to create an entire neighborhood of similar terraced houses. This little townhouse is divided in two vertically and  includes 2  main floors.

  1. on the ground floor is located the ckitchen and a small living room.
  2. on the 1st floor is located the bedroom and a little balcony

The external area of the hause is divided in the entrance and the backyard. On the entrance we can find a path and a colorfull garden on a side, and some trees on the other side. The two different houses are diveded from  a wall of separetion. All around the house are situated some wall light and little street lamps. The large beckyard colud be occupied from a barbecue, an outdoor table or a vegetable garden. It's up to your immagination!

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