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19th Century Farm and Mill


In the 18 - 1900s, Mills were very important to farmers so they could process their harvest and make a living from their hard work. I was interested in the process of milling and the equipment involved, which inspired me to create this model.

This model consists of around 2500 - 2600 pieces, 2 chickens, 6 goats, 1 squirrel and 6 minifigures.
•1 goat herder
•3 mill workers
•1 dairy worker
•1 farmer

I designed this to fit the season of spring, as i felt the bright green colours of the nature and trees worked well with the colours of the mill.


The build of the Traction Engine is very unique because of the colour scheme. I decided to use this colour to present it as rusty and old, given the model type, it shows how far tractor designs and functions have advanced over 130 years.


I originally planned to just have a mill building and a tractor, but later decided to add on a side-building for the goats, which further influenced my decision to make a parlour for cheese production.

I am most happy about the functioning pulley system and the rotary wheat grinder.

I think this should become an ideas set so that it can represent an important historical time period in lego form.

Thank you for looking at my project and reading my description! If you do decide to support this, I thank you in advance :)

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