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MVOne - Mega Vehicle One

When I was a child I built many lego creations free-minded. Back in 1980-82 I built a vehicle that I still have the picture of and I thought it was massive ! My son asked me if I could build an awesome vehicle to him and I thought why not give it a try and try to build it again. So this is my 2020 version of the vehicle I built so long ago.

The 2020 version has a driving section, research section, antennas, generator, motor engine, computers, sensors in front and side panels. It has nomerous wheels to carry the weight. There are some interesting builds, especially the antenna array which can be laid horizontally during driving.

It even has a hook for trailer for the helicopter. In my original vehicle I also built a trailer and helicopter to go with the vehicle. I will start on those soon and update when finished, but as is it is still a stand-alone vehicle 

It is a solid build. The bricks used are from existing bricks, no new designed bricks were made. 

The set I am posting is a bit bigger then what it was when I built it back in 1980-82.
It measures:
- length = 50 cm
- width = 22 cm
- height = 33 cm with antenna array deployed

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