Product Idea

Basketball M

Basketball M is an automatic machine that allows to play to basketball. It has pieces of LEGO Mindstorms 1.0.To be able to play, you must insert a coin of a specific size, rejecting the ones of another size.

  When the coin is inserted, a servomotor is activated and gives 3 balls. If the spears and enter the hole, a light sensor detects them. When this happens, the other servomotor activates and gives a candy. The machine contains two compartments Secrets in which the coins are inserted and the balls that entered the hole. To recharge the balls you must open a secret door and enter them.

  I built this machine because I wanted to have one so I could play whenever and wherever I wanted, since it is not very heavy and should not be connected to a computer. I think it would be a good LEGO model because everyone will be able to have a machine reach. Before only a few people with many LEGO models could build a machine like this, but if Basketball M becomes a model, customers wishing to have access to This kind of games.