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Lego De Lunar-Rover Nasa


This is my lego De Lunar-Rover Nasa vehicle. I figured since I last reviewed it yet bought an old empty Space set. I found out that people find old Space things very nice so when I thought this moon car. 

-------------------------------------------------- ------------------------- 

I've used a lot of colors like. 

* Light / dark gray 
* Gold 
* White 
* Brown 

-------------------------------------------------- --------------------- 

Of course I have the clasic space figures used their helmet and Space print on their body and an air tank on their back. 

-------------------------------------------------- --------------------- 

The car I got from Goude elements to scan things were made to explore the area. A big for the area and under the car one for the ground. 
I also have a kind of rock made ​​where auro can drive over it 
and all can explore. The space figures can also walk over. 

-------------------------------------------------- ------------------- 
I hope you like this idea nicely and I hope especially for space liefhebers this become a real set.

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