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Palm Hotel

This is the Palm Hotel. It's designed in the style of many an old-fashioned hotel/resort and is inspired by the modular building series. It features a theme reflective of the beach and has the colors to match.

Among the many decorative elements you'll notice outside include palm trees, dual lion sculptures on either end, color-specific elements, and a classy portico on top.

On the inside, you'll find it contains some modern touches and an interesting color scheme. Featuring three levels, all complete with their own unique furnishings and styles, the Palm is a destination hotel from days gone by. The bottom level has check-in desks, seating and unique columns, the second level contains standard hotel rooms, and the third level features suites with couches and large windows. In addition, the center of the interior also features space for an elevator shaft.

The Palm is meant for builders to view on the shelf and admire from all angles. 1,400 pieces are used to make the set. All three levels are also detachable for viewing ease. Look close, as there's plenty of things to discover!

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