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Coffee Truck


Would you like a cup of coffee?

My idea is simple: a Lego coffee truck/car. At the front a normal car equipment; car seats, wheels and a dashboard. At the back there’s enough space for the Lego man to stand. It has some kind of a kitchen idea, but then with coffee equipment. Like a coffee machine.

The shutter at the side of the truck is able to fold up/in. this means the same for the table shade at the same side. By this fold up/n table people can stand drinking their coffee. The counter under the window (side of the truck) is to create a bigger counter, without to use space in the truck self. And foldable.

I don’t think that I have to explain other things. Although some items are just for the looks, they don’t have an additional function.


  • 270 bricks (inclusive 2 Lego man)
  • Accessories like: a take out coffee cup, newspaper, croissant, mini pretzel, a 100 billet, a mini broom, mini tray and of course cups.  

I know that the front side of the truck looks a little weird (maybe like a bird :) ). But I’m not a professional designer or something like that. Of course the people behind Lego have to improve things. But this is just my idea for a Lego set, hopefully my Lego model gives a good impression. However that’s what this is all about: an (awesome) idea for a new Lego set.



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