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Hello LEGO fans!
Are there any old classic board game fans? if yes, this project will be perfect for you!
About Cluedo:
Cluedo (in the US a game under the name of Clue) - a classic detective board game It was invented in England by Anthony E. Pratt - a notary clerk who works as a clown. The game was released in 1949 in Leeds by the Waddingtons company.
In Cluedo, the host's guest, guests, in which the guest, during which the guest was kidnapped. The task is to detect the perpetrator, which took place with the help of the rescue tools for the WSE.
About project:
I made board using 16x16 studs plates. Every room on board is perfectly mapped, with many details.
In the balloroom, there is big green-red carpet. On the carpet, there is a big brown and old piano. Big olive green sofa stands next to the windows. There's also a pouffe of the same color. In corners, there are two tables and one lamp.
Billard room:
In the billard room, there is of course a billard table with balls. There are also three billard sticks.
In the library, there are two big old bookshelves with even more old books. In the middle, there is a table with many books. Next to the window, there is a white sofa.
In the conservatory, there is one big plant in huge white pot, two smaller dark green plants and other plant next to big window.
In the study, there is one small old red carpet. Next to it, there is a green sofa. Next to smaller window, there is a small cupboard with some old papers.
In the hall, there is big blue-purple carpet. In one corner, there is an old clock. next to doors, there are two dark green plants. next to one wall, there is a wardrobe with plates and a small table.
In the middle of the lounge, there is red-green carpet. There are two green sofas with yellow pillows and a green armchair. There's also a small piano and two old lamps.
Dining room:
In the dining room, there is a big and old table. The table is elegantly set. There is also a wardrobe and two plants.
In the kitchen, there is a big wooden wardrobe, table with many plates and an old cooker. In the middle, there is a table with many accesories.
  • Professor Plum
  • Colonel Mustard
  • Mrs White
  • Mrs Peacock
  • Miss Scarlet
  • Reverend Green
Two dice rolls; revolver; candlestick; lead pipe; dagger; rope; wrench
Project dimensions:
length: 46 cm (18.1 in)
height: 46 cm (18.1 in)
width: 46 cm (18.1 in)
Number of pieces: 2731
I hope that you will like my project ;)

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