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Only Fools and Horses - Market


Only Fools and Horses is my Favorite sitcom ever. 

This set is based on Family Trotter on market,trying to sell some old stuff.

Trotters are always trying to sell some old or stolen stuff to someone,and they always get in trouble.

This show is also kid-friendly show

In this set we have 577 pieces including 9 minifigures and their accessories.

On this market people are trying to sell many stuff:

Fish,News-papers and food,plus some silver knifes that are Trotters trying to sell.

But there is Police Officer that Trotters are trying to run away from.

We also get some animals: 

2 dogs,Rat,Cat, and Seagle.

We also get some coins and paper money.

This set also includes three-wheeled  van Robin Reliant,and 3 minifigures can fit in.

This set doesn't have new molded pieces,only new printings.

I hope You like this set and please support,and I will make more Only Fools and Horses sets.



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