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Lord of the Rings: Mount Doom

One Ring to rule them all,
One Ring to find them,
One Ring to bring them all,
And in the darkness bind them.

Orodruin. the mountain of fire. Set in the dark land of Mordor, Mount Doom constantly belched fire and lava over Sauron's dwelling in the north-western corner of the black land. This build represents Sammath Naur. Otherwise known as the cracks of doom where the Ring of power was forged. Steep stairs lead up from the Orc infested plateau of Gorgoroth, into the sweltering volcano. From the doorway a narrow walkway stretches over the lava, and into the center of the deadly mountain.

This build consists of the staircase, the walkway, a mountain side that the doorway leads into, and the lava. Fans like me will notice a couple easter eggs hidden in the model.
  1. Gollums hand holding the ring after he stole it from Frodo.
  2. The footsteps of Frodo that Gollum uses to track him with.
Fans like me will also notice that the mountain of fire is not completely accurate to the movies. Well... I kinda ran out of room so...

2nd Age Elrond has a blue cape, and elvish sword and armor.
Isildur has a red cape and Anduril the broken blade.
Frodo Baggins has two variations,
  1. His normal form, (you can take off his hand if you like)
  2. And his invisible form.
Samwise Gamgee, without his backpack after he cast it into a crater in Gorgoroth, holds Sting.
Gollum has the rock he uses to knock Samwise out.

If you guys have any update suggestions, or things I should add please tell!
Thank you so much for checking out the model! I hope you guys will share and tell everybody you know about it!

Huge thanks to @noblebun for help with the renders!

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