Product Idea

Reverse trike sports car - Nightjar Evo

This is a single seater sports car in a reverse trike layout. A reverse trike means the car has two wheels at the front, but only one at the back. I built it as I love sports cars and trikes, and thought it would be a bit different having a 3 wheel layout. When I’d ‘finished’ building it, my son Max, who loves Lego too, along with my daughter Emily, suggested it be awesome if the engine cover opened so I reworked it to have an opening engine cover, and two opening front bonnets, showing the battery and reservoirs etc. I’ve also remodelled the body a little giving improved aerodynamics, a more subtle spoiler, and bigger wing mirrors. It also now has independently opening front bonnets, and a better looking engine! I think this would make an excellent Lego set as there isn’t anything else around like it, the opening bonnets make it more lifelike, and importantly, it looks so cool!!