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Minifigure Scale Minecraft


Hiss... BOOM!  A pack of Creepers have made a giant crater in Steve's front yard!  The Minecraft world is full of adventures... and danger.  Which is why Minfigure-Scale Minecraft would make such a great Lego set.

When Lego Minecraft first came out I was dissapointed because of the micro-scale.  Ever since then, I've wanted minifigure scale Minecraft.  And now I have shown it to the entire Lego Ideas Community! 

In the model I include many tools such as the Crafting Table, furnace, and an entire set of iron tools.  In the large chests there is a gold ingot, a map, one stick of dynamite, and a bucket.  I also remembered to include several interesting animals, like a pig, tamed wolf, and chicken.  But there's also a Creeper lurking in the shadows...

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