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Marbles Track


Hello there :)

When I was young (outside), I waited the summer time to go to the beach nearby my house and play with sand. I loved to make tracks with sand in order to play and do races with glass marbles with my friends and relatives. It was my favorite game in the summer.

With this project I become child again and finally I dream again to play with my sons, even in winter with marbles and with my sons, even in winter, and with the warmth of the house.

It's a family game. Before starting players decide how many laps race it needs to complete. The game starts by rolling marbles pushing them with fingers more fast that you can, but being carefully to do not drop off them from the tracks and ;).

You can arrange more than one of tracks(small, medium, large), customize them only with limit of your fantasy.

I hope you enjoy this game if you decide to support my project - Thanks! Please share it with friends and family too, feeling again child sensation and have fun with kids!



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