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The Red Eagle's Lair


Aguila Roja is spanish tv series.


Gonzalo de Montalvo/Aguila Roja/ (Red Eagle)

Saturno ''Satur'' Garcia/Comrade in the adventures

The Lair

Contains: 5 walls which combine in 1.

In left is the entrance with curtains made by two detached walls.

In the middle is the place of meditation and reflection. Can be split in two for easy storage. (wall and podium) 

In Right is library and ladder. Books in library easily separated into separate parts.

Also include stand with the Red Eagle's clothes, chest with Satur's clothes, stand for swords, chair and table. The table contains chest with lock, key, 4 shurikens (studs), 2 maps, stand for katana and katana, ink stand (letter on the chair) and candle. 






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