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Winter Village Hospital

I designed this Winter Village Hospital to go in with the existing LEGO Fire Station and my build from scratch, the Funicular Railway and Ski Resort. The inspiration and some stickers for the inside were obtained from City Hospital 60204. Clearly, a ski resort needs a hospital and most of my patients feature broken arms or legs with bandaged heads - skiing can be dangerous as well as fun!
Most hospitals are too large to fit in a village, so I modelled mine on a "Cottage Hospital" which every town had in the 1930-1950s.

It features an emergency section, pharmacy, X-Ray department, maternity ward, pathology lab and an optician. There is a very small general ward but no operating theater.
The reception features a Christmas tree and a skeleton dressed as Father Christmas.
The emergency vehicle access feature double opening doors and a curtained off area for patients to be assessed. At the back of the hospital is a lift which features an elevator lift to the second floor.

The ambulance is based on the bus in the Winter Railway station and has room for a stretcher patient and attendant doctor. I discovered in researching this vehicle that the Red Cross is not sanctioned for civilian vehicles, so used the Star of Life Emblem, although its adoption does somewhat post dates the normal Winter Village period.

The roof is pitched and is totally snow covered.
There is a Dark Green Christmas Tree in a large pot outside in the snow covered garden.
This model features an ambulance and a lift that allows you to transport the patient up to the general ward. Base is 32x32

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