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Alice in Wonderland (Chapter Two – The Pool of Tears)


Alice in Wonderland
(Chapter Two – The Pool of Tears)

This LEGO set proposal is based on famous fairy tales “Alice in Wonderland”.

Background :
Chapter Two – The Pool of Tears: Chapter Two opens with Alice growing to such a tremendous size her head hits the ceiling. Alice is unhappy and, as she cries, her tears flood the hallway. After shrinking down again due to a fan she had picked up, Alice swims through her own tears and meets a Mouse, who is swimming as well. She tries to make small talk with him in elementary French (thinking he may be a French mouse) but her opening gambit "Où est ma chatte?" (that is "Where is my cat?") offends the mouse and he tries to escape her. [From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia]

This set is comprised of 1 The Pool of Tears includes 1 figures (Alice)

This set has 2 Funcions to play.

  • the Slide that falls into a doorknob
  • Movable "Drink me"Bottle to watch and play

This set is carefully designed and fully detailed in combination of original and custom LEGO mini figures.

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