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Fabuland Park

In 1979 Lego introduced their first theme called Fabuland. It takes place in a small town full of cute animal headed characters that live in a neighborhood much like our own.
Each Fabuland character has a name and a job of their own.
These Fabuland sets are the center gap between Duplo and the brick system. It is an opportunity for all boys and girls alike to expand their mind and imagination.

Edward And Friends
1980 was the year lego also released a Fabuland television series called Edward and friends directed by Jeff Newitt, Jo Pullen, and Martin Pullen. This children’s series successfully aired for nines years reaching 26 episodes.

It has been over 32 years since Fabuland discontinued it’s amazing theme. I have fully redesigned the Fabuland universe as a way to inspire children to innovate and expand their imagination as it did back then. New colors, shapes, design, and illustration is expressed in this new environment.

Fabuland Park
A park is the perfect place for friends to meet and a way to enjoy nature.

I have a lot of respect for what the team of Lego have shared over the years. Keeping the original Fabuland theme alive is important to me. This set is a continuation from 1989. The world is different but Fabuland’s storyline remains the same.

Character Status
  • Hannah Hippo is an absolute plant lover! She usually spends her time nurturing and raising her beautiful flower garden. Just last week she got a new job at Fabuland Park as the new gardener keeper.
  • Clive Crocodile is competitive, funny, and a bit snarky. Riding on a skateboard has always been his main motive of transportation, but this time Clive has no plans on going anywhere. Today is Clive’s day off. Cruising in the local park is enough to satisfy this little skater.
  • Parry Panda & Chester Chimp are the handy-men in Fabuland. Even though they are always busy, they are more than kind enough to give a helping hand for those in need of assistance. A few years ago Chester and Perry had a downfall moment in their lives. With the support of their family and friends, these two continue to find motivation to work around those challenges and obstacles they face together through the years.
  • Freddy Fox recently made his second grand opening for his new store located between the busy street of Fabuland City. All this success sounds great, but all Freddy wants to do now is to have a quiet moment of peace and happiness. A stroll in the park and a bit of ice cream is all anyone needs to have that simple joy.
  • Klare Koala ( new character ) recently started her own little ice cream truck business. Not only does she love the progress she’s made, she loves sharing that same love with delicious ice cream.
  • Edward Elephant always find adventure through curiosity. Edward is not afraid to try new things… unless it’s riding on boats because he’s afraid of water.

What the set comes with
  • tree
  • 2 blue birds
  • pond
  • flower base
  • box lot
  • fire hydrant
  • ice cream truck
  • garden hedge with 4 light posts
  • 7 buildable Fabuland characters
  • 4 traffic cones
  • Fabuland Park entrance sign

Klare Koala’s Ice Cream Truck
  • accessible interior
  • 2 front seater
  • can hold up to 3 Fabuland figures
  • 1 LED function
  • 2 rear doors

Help me make this set come to life! Who
knows? Maybe this will become a continuation
for a new Fabuland television series.

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