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All Nippon Airways Turtle Fleet !

When I first saw the livery ANA picked for the fleet, I wondered if it was possible for me to make it in Lego. Indeed, that’s the best livery on an A380 and one of the best livery in aviation history, in my opinion! However, I wasn’t very good at building planes at the time, so I abandoned this project. 

Back in 2021, I placed orders of pieces to try to make these iconic planes, but I couldn’t figure out how to make them. I didn’t lose hope anyway, that one day, I would be able to present them. 

I’ve kept thinking about this for 2 years and in November 2022 I had the idea I was missing, so I started assembling the planes digitally. It was looking pretty good, so I ordered the correct pieces.

And here we are in 2023, I am very proud to present to you the complete fleet of ANA A380, Blue, Green, Orange livery.  

My design is approximately 1:400 scaled. It has enough detail to recognize the iconic shape of this big bird. Moreover, it’s a small model so you can display it anywhere you want.

If this model becomes a Lego set, AFOL and Aviation lovers will get a chance to build this iconic aircraft from the beginning of the XXI Century . 

If you are interested in my project, please support it, and share it around you!

Brick Agogo

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