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Modular Pastry and Coffee Shop


LEGO has put out quite a collection of modular buildings, giving the inhabitants of LEGO City pretty much everything they could ask for. Except one thing. A coffee shop!

My LEGO Modular Pastry and Coffee Shop follows the modular guidelines and sports three different levels and a roof complete with an air conditioner. The first floor contains the coffee shop part, complete with a refrigerator, two blenders, a sink, and espresso machine and a counter full of syrups and flavors to add to the minifig's beverages. Seating is located on the second floor, along with a counter with milk, cream, and sugar, a napkin dispenser, and a stack of newspapers. The pastry counter is on the final floor along with a case of pastries, a mini-kitchen with knives, a rolling pin and shelves of mixing bowls and plates and a small sink. Near the staircase is a small extra seating area and a tea/water machine for minifigs who don't like coffee for some reason and a counter with glasses and teabags.

The minifigures I included are just examples, but they would probably include coffee and pastry shop employees and some customers for them to serve.

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