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Endangered LEGO #1 - Koala

Endangered LEGO #1 - Koala

One of Australia's most lovable animals, the cuddly Koala.

This threatened animal is part of a LEGO endangered species collection, highlighting the plight of endangered animals from all over the world.

It is also a fantastic build, going back to the core roots of LEGO with the vast majority of its build with standard basic bricks.

The model would come with a booklet explaining all about each endangered animal.

A great yet very rare crossover between nature and LEGO.

The endangered LEGO series also contains:
#2 Siberian Tiger
#3 Sumatran Orangutan
#4 Bottlenose Dolphin
#5 Phillipine Eagle
#6 Tasmanian Devil
#7 Great White Shark
#8 Mountain Gorilla
#9 Komodo Dragon
#10 Red Wolf

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