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Christmas Tree

... In most houses there is a Christmas tree as an ornament. But have you made one with lego? well, here it is! The model consists of 351 pieces, including:
• Gold and red balls
• The star
• A chain of light blocks
• And a santa Claus minifigure (with Dumbledore's face)
The tree is created with large and small leaves, and of the smallest at the tip, the star has only 4 tips, has 52 decorative balls, and the chain has red and white lights
Any embellishment they can think of, they can put it in the comments. a Christmas tree created by the people of LEGO ideas! What do you think? 
The goal of this set is to bring joy on Christmas Eve, and also on New Year's Eve. If you like to party as much as I do, don't forget to vote! Merry Christmas!

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