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Minas Tirith "Tower of Guard"


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First of all, thank you for watching.

Minas Tirith “Tower of Guard”

The capital of the Kingdom of Gondor and the city of kings in The Lord of the Rings.

About 300 meters high, seven-story building is expressed in mini-size using Lego.

I expressed everything from the first floor to the seventh floor.

  • If you go through the main gate and turn left, you'll be able to the second floor.
  • If you pass through the middle rock wall to get from the second floor to the third floor, there's a door on the right end to the fourth floor.
  • If you go up from side to side repeatedly, you will see the 7th floor.
  • 7th floor, the top floor. There's a palace, and  tower of Ecthelion.
  • mini-size Grond, Siege-Tower, Trebuchet.

Brick used 2,999 of them. 
Size is 39x36x28.6 in stud.

It's an honor to show you.

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