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Nereu Ramos Palace [ National Congress of Brazil ]

Hello There! 
I'm bringing news about the Brazilian Congress Palace:

  I built the Brazilian National Congress - Nereu Ramos Palace - located in brazilian center, in there capital, Brasilia, seem the LEGO Architecture sets. Designed by Oscar Niemayer, the Nereu Ramos Palace, came with Brazilian modernist architecture, withal two semi spheres and two towers in the middle. The Palace was built shortly after the country's interest in relocating its former capital from Rio de Janeiro to the country middle as part of the "pilot plan", for was the formation of Brasilia. -

 That was my first project i did post here, and i change some stuffs in the set, then, i introduce the patch note 1.0.0 (more patch notes will be posted here to more upgrades)

Patch note 1.0.0
As that was a starting set project, i need do somes upgrades there.
What's news?
1. The set come with 850 bricks.
(The amount bricks updates is mainly because the base - plates changes. )

2. The base where there was, have some changes.
(I used conventional base - plates technics for do it rather than use the modified plate, 2x6 w/ 4 studs on side.)
3. Was putted more details in the semi-circle on the building top. (To be more like the real building)

4. The both building behind the Palace have importants changes also, giving him a architectural look.
(That was the second more important upgrade in the building. The new architectural look gives there more details and similarity with the real National Congress)

Please, give me your support to realize my dream: See a set about Brazil.

For more upgrades, keep looking here, and visit my perfil to more projects!

Thank you, bye there!

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