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LEGO Mythbusters M5


Hey, this is my Lego Mythbusters set idea. This set is the M5 workshop where the series is filmed and as you can see in the photos it includes the features that the real workshop has including Jamie's tubs along the wall, wood, lawn mower, bicycle, tool bench, draws, fire extinguishers and containers. The science experiment going on is measuring how fast a crossbow fires, using a remote crossbow set up with a high speed camera, frames per second board and a board to catch the arrow with Jamie and Adam protected behind there bullet proof glass.

This set includes 3 minifigs, Adam with hat, Jamie and Buster.

This set also includes 3 1X4 tiles that would have Confirmed, Plausible and Busted Printed on them.

Mythbusters is a well known series worldwide and would make a great Lego set and help kids introduce them into learning and science.